Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Angels

You probably thought this post was about my sweet angelic children (ha ha). Nope it's about these little angels that I picked up over the weekend at a church rummage sale.

I mentioned that other day that I'm in the process of putting together a gallery wall in my daughter's bedroom. I knew these would look great with a little TLC. All they needed was a fresh coat of paint and some of my daughter's art!

I have all the items collected I need to put her wall together. Now I just need to paint a couple more frames and I am still waiting on my little artist to finish her own canvas art project!
Fingers crossed we can get everything finished up in a couple of days.
My link party just started yesterday so if you haven't linked up yet now is your chance!!! I so enjoy looking at all your awesome ideas!
Have a wonderful Thursday!

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