Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dressed up water bottles and birthday parties

This weekend my youngest turned thirteen.

I can still clearly remember turning thirteen myself. I had a sleepover with all my besties and stayed up late in the night watching music videos because it was the only time you could watch them.

My daughter didn't want anything big for her birthday which was a little hard for me and my party planning self. We had some family over and ordered pizza. I couldn't resist adding a touch of color and fun to her party though. 

I know this is nothing new, we've all done this before but I still wanted to share this little glimpse of her birthday with you.

I found some colorful straws at Target and added some fun scrapbook paper to the water bottles. 

I miss planning themed birthday parties for my kids. We've had some great one's in the past {see link below}. I guess I can start planning for my son's graduation party next year {sigh}.

Have a great day!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Floral crown headpieces

My daughter and I have spent the past couple evenings making beautiful floral crowns for a school project. 

She came up with the idea to make these and I quickly jumped on the bandwagon. 

(she was less than thrilled to model for me)

Here are the supplies needed...

1. wired twine
2. floral tape
3. hot glue gun
4. wire cutters or heavy duty scissors
5. flowers

Step One...

Measure and cut wire twine (I wrapped mine around my daughter's head to get a rough measurement) add a couple of inches so you have extra to twist close. 

Step two...

Cut or pull off selected petals and stems. Use floral tape to tightly wrap stem to wire twine. In some cases our flowers had no stems so we hot glued them on. 

Step three...

Keep attaching flowers until completely covered.

The finished products...

We made a dozen of these which took us a couple evenings to complete, but I'm sure her classmates will love them!

I might have to make one for myself!